Dawn Praying Should be Our People Culture

Dawn Praying and Its Benefits

By: Abdul Rozaaq Muttaqiin –


Course   : Argumentative Writing

Lecturer : Ahmad Affandi, M.Pd.

Class      : English Education IV – Afternoon


Muslim people have several obligations to do, such as praying. They are responsible for five main prayings, with the certain times for each. One of these prayings is Subh (dawn praying), which must be done at dawn. Unfortunately, there are people who disobey this obligation. As muslims, this praying should have been our culture because of its obligatory. Besides, we will get several benefits as follow:

First, dawn praying prepares us to get our daily gifts. It’s commonly happen that people begin their activity to earn some money since early morning. This phenomenon matches what muslims have to do, dawn praying. After praying, people can continue their jobs, so they don’t lost their chance to reach Allah’s gift.

Second, dawn praying is a measurement for our believe in Allah. The prophet said that munafiqun (those who aren’t serious with their faith) are difficult to do two prayings, ‘Isha and Subh. Commonly, people have been tired at ‘Isha time, and still sleepy at dawn (Subh time). Besides, both ‘Isha and Subh praying are done in the dark situation, so people usually have less attention to the ones who don’t attend these two prayings. These make sure that people who go for these two prayings are they who have strong believe to Allah.

Third, dawn praying makes us strong. We all know that dawn praying must be done when people are mostly asleep, and the weather is relatively cold. This means that people who want to do dawn praying have strong personality.

Fourth, from the medical side, dawn praying makes us more healthy. It caused by the fact that our trombosit may make agregation in the morning. That will make blood frozen, and in turn causes heart attack. The matter that keep our trombosit unagregated is Nitrit Oxide (NO), that can be gotten at dawn. While our bodies get the NO, we need some exercises to get its effect. The dawn praying is one of the exercises.

Fifth, the dawn praying brings us to success. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, usually send his official email every 04.30. Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, begins his days at 05.30. Richard Branson, the Virgin Group chairman, always wakes up at 05.45. These prove that many successful people always get up early, and it means that getting up early is the beginning of success.

Based on the explanation above, we should make dawn praying as our culture, in order to have more religious, strong, health, and success society.



Al-Bukhari, Abu ‘Abdillah, Muhammad bin Isma’il bin Ibrahim bin Al-Mughirah bin Al-Bardizbah, Al-Ju’fi, Al-Imam. ___. Shahihul Bukhari. ___. ___: Darul Fikr.





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